Emergency Assessment Unit

The Emergency Assessment Unit (EAU) is located on level B, at the end of the corridor past theatres.


The Surgical Assesment Unit (SAU) and the Medical Assesment Unit (MAU) recently combined to form the EAU. The build, designed with support of the staff, has increased the unit’s capacity from 26 to 35 beds.

The Unit is able to retain and discharge their own patients instead of having to transfer some patients to wards who do not need specialist based care, which could add an average of 20 hours to their length of stay.

The laboratory allows them to do some patient blood tests within the unit and has led to a faster turn around times for tests.

All six of the units bays are now single sex in line with the government drive to eliminate mixed sex accommodation.


Raquel Reyes, Keri Lee and Becci Mutlow are the Senior Ward Sisters

EAU can be telephoned by calling 01483 571122, ext 6721


What did our patients like:

‘Staff were kind and caring’

‘Nurses were very busy.’

‘Staff are courteous and helpful.’

‘Prompt delivery of care.’


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