Albury Ward (Respiratory)

The Royal Surrey Chest (respiratory) Ward, Albury, is a very high standard acute respiratory unit where patients with a range of serious illnesses are managed. This ward is located on level E.

In the past, all patients who had been put on ventilators were managed in the intensive care unit but many are now treated fully conscious on bedside ventilators on the Albury Ward.

Our respiratory unit is run by an innovative team, offering a wide range of services, some of which are traditionally not available in District General Hospitals. Previously patients requiring long term ventilation at home were referred to London hospitals, but the Royal Surrey has recently begun offering this service locally as well.

Tina Hetherington is the Portfolio Head of Nursing
Annette Coote is the Matron
Laura Treacy is the Senior Ward Sister

Albury can be telephoned on 01483 571122 ext 6448
We invite you to visit between the hours of 3pm-5pm and 6pm-8pm

What Albury ward patient said:

‘Friendly and helpful staff’
‘Treated with respect’
‘Hard working and friendly staff’

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