How are we tackling infection?

  • All of our staff are working hard to make sure that our patients are as safe as possible and that their risk of infection is reduced to an absolute minimum.
  • Good hand hygiene plays a major role and we regularly carry out hand hygiene training and audits to ensure that staff are cleaning their hands appropriately. All clinical staff must be ‘bare below the elbows’ in clinical areas.
  • Environmental cleaning is monitored regularly: –


Risk Example of Areas Frequency of Monitoring
Very high risk areas e.g. ICU, Theatres, A&E, Endoscopy, SCBU, Delivery Suite Weekly monitoring
High risk areas e.g. wards and clinical areas, Eye Unit, SSSU, Catering and Dining room toilets, Country Pantry Monthly monitoring
Significant  risk areas X-ray Dept., OPD areas, Day Surgery Unit, Nuclear Medicine Quarterly monitoring
Low risk areas Offices, Consultants Offices,

Lifts & Stairs, Linen Room, Seminar Room

Twice per year monitoring


  • Regular infection control education sessions are provided for all staff
  • Audits of infection control practices are undertaken utilising the audit processes as recommended in the Department of Health audit programme.
  • All healthcare associated infections are monitored closely.  MRSA blood stream infections (bacteraemias) and C difficile Infections, are assessed and analysed to try to prevent further infections occurring.
  • When are diagnosed with an infection, we care for them in a single room to help prevent the spread of infection.

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