1. In the (a)2013/2014 and (b) 2014/15 financial year what was the budget on ingredients for patients’ meals provided in the hospital trust. Please provide this figure as a financial amount on ingredients only (no labour or preparation costs) per patient per day.

Catering services are contracted out by the Trust and the daily ingredients budget per patient agreed under the catering services contract was as follows:

2013 £2.95
2014 £3.03
2015 £3.06

2. In the (a) 2013/14 and (b) 2014/15 financial year what was the most expensive restaurant bill claimed on expenses by any of the Trust’s executives/ directors?

Not applicable – the Trust does not pay for such items on expenses.

Please state the name and address of the restaurant, how many people were dining, the date of the dinner and the job title of the director/executive who claimed the meal on expenses.

Not applicable.

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