1. Considering patient entertainment systems in your hospital trust, can you confirm the number of beds which are serviced by:

    • Communal TV unit _Zero____ 

2. How many individual beds are serviced by:

    • TV _426____
    • Video-On-Demand service _426____
    • Telephone _426____
    • Games _426____
    • Wi-Fi _ Zero ____

3. Can you confirm who are the third-party vendors who provide the media systems in question (1) and (2) above _ Premier Telesolutions 

4. Do you have Wi-Fi available for patients, and how much does it cost per hour/per use? _ Yes; Wi-Fi service is free to use 

5. Which, if any, of the following services does the trust use?

    • Patient flow / bed management software _ Medworks Patient Flow only
    • Patient medical records software (EPR/PAS software such as Lorenzo or equivalent) _ Oasis PAS; no EPR 
    • Bedside software for clinical use by medical staff – electronic access to charts, medication etc. __ VitalPAC 
    • Hospital management software at bedside, such as electronic Meal Ordering for patients __ N/A

6. Which vendors do you use for each of those items in (5) above _ Medworks, TLC, Allscripts

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