In relation to the pathology laboratories at your Trust, please provide answers to the following questions.

The Trust used Surrey Pathology Services which is based at three Surrey hospital sites: Royal Surrey County Hospital; Ashford & St Peter’s Hospitals; Frimley Hospital.

The following response relates to Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust only.

1. Please state the year your Trust’s laboratories were last fully refurbished? 2010

2. Please state the year your Trust’s laboratories were last re-equipped, if this wasn’t part of the refurbishment? 2012

3. How many biomedical science trainee positions have you offered in the last three years? 4

4. What percentage of locums make up your scientific workforce (healthcare scientists, lab technicians, pathologists etc)? Please give figures for the last three years. Pathologist = 10%, Scientist = 3%

5. Does your Trust have an electronic pathology order communication system that provides end to end connectivity for:

A. The community (CCGs)? No
B. Trust related work? No

6. What order communication system do you use? N/A

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