a) Our records indicate that you currently use Orion’s Rhapsody Integration Engine product, is this correct? Yes

b) If the answer to a) is yes then please can you provide the version of software you currently use? 3. 4

c) If the answer to a) is No – please provide details of the name of the supplier and the product you use?  N/A

d) What date does your contract end? 30/11/16

e) How many integration engines do you use? One

f) Can you please send your current messaging architecture document?

The Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is withholding the requested information under exemption Section 24 (1) – National Security of the Freedom of Information Act.  Section 24 is a qualified exemption and the Trust is required to assess as objectively as possible whether the balance of public interest favours disclosing or withholding the information. The Trust acknowledges that there is a general public interest in disclosure.  However, the view of the Trust that Section 24 exemption pertains to the above questions is based on the judgement that by providing the specific details requested would highlight information which could be used to exploit any vulnerabilities which, in turn, could potentially endanger national security.

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