Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral and maxillofacial surgery is the surgical specialty concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting the mouth, jaws, face and neck.

What we do


We provide treatment for a range of conditions in children and adults, including

  • injuries to the head, face and neck
  • skin cancer
  • facial deformity (orthognathic surgery)
  • head and neck cancer surgery and microvascular reconstruction
  • dentoalveolar surgery, including jaw cysts and impacted teeth
  • problems related to the mouth lining
  • salivary gland disease
  • facial pain
  • neck lumps

We offer out-patient diagnostic and treatment services, day case surgery and inpatient care.

Out patent clinics are also carried out with a range of other specialists, including orthodontists, restorative dentists, oncologists and other surgeons.

The Royal Surrey County Hospital OMFS department has a strong reputation for teaching surgeons in training, and in clinical research.


Where we are


We are located in Outpatients 11, within the West Wing of Royal at Surrey County Hospital.


Meet the team

The Clinical Team

Consultant Surgeons

  • Mr Mike Bater
  • Lt Col James Combes, Clinical Director
  • Mr Martin Danford
  • Mr Jacob D’Souza
  • Mr Ben Gurney
  • Mr Paul Johnson
  • Miss Carrie Newlands
  • Mr James Sloane

Specialist/Staff Surgeons                                               

  • Mr Jon Avanessian
  • Miss Lucy Hartfree
  • Mr Neil MacMillan
  • Miss Roisin Moore
  • Miss Meera Patel
  • Mr Saad Khokhar

We also have junior surgical members of staff who are in training posts. These are qualified doctors and/or dentists who spend time learning with us, whilst working towards post graduate qualifications and more senior posts.


Nursing staff

  • Pauline Mitchell - Sister
  • Bo Pullen - Senior Staff Nurse
  • Jo Paterson - Senior Staff Nurse
  • Karen Kirby - Staff Nurse
  • Noma Sunwar - Dental Nurse
  • Sushma Roka - Dental Nurse




  • Mrs Jill Portlock
  • Medical Secretary to Gursharan Minhas
  • Email: jportlock@nhs.net
  • 01483 406623 X4444



  • Mrs Heidi Kennedy
  • Medical Secretary to Mr Nick Lewis
  • Email: hkennedy1@nhs.net
  • Ext: 6350


  • Mrs Nicola Fitzpatrick
  • Medical Secretary to Mr Martin Danford and Mr Mike Bater
  • Email: nicola.fitzpatrick@nhs.net
  • Direct Line: 01483 464862 / Ext:4447


  • Kim Bateman
  • Medical Secretary to Mr Paul Johnson
  • Email: k.bateman1@nhs.net
  • Direct Line: 01483 464864 / Ext:4726


  • Carolyn Roux de Buisson
  • Email: c.buisson@nhs.net
  • Direct Line: 01483 464864 / Ext:4726


  • Wendy Melton
  • Medical Secretary to Miss Carrie Newlands
  • Email: wendy.melton@nhs.net
  • Direct Line: 01483 408360 / Ext:2339


  • Tamsin Taylor
  • Medical Secretary to Col Lt Col James Combes, Clinical Director
  • Email: tamsin.taylor@nhs.net
  • Direct Line: 01483 406856 / Ext: 4485


  • Penny Wilson
  • Medical Secretary to Mr Ben Gurney
  • Email: pennywilson@nhs.net
  • Direct Line: 01483 464861 / Ext:4805


  • Sally Williamson
  • Medical Secretary to Mr James Sloane and Mr Jacob D’Souza
  • Email: s.williamson12@nhs.net
  • Direct Line: 01483 406831 / Ext:4879







Theatre Co-ordinator


Main Hospital Switchboard Number: 01483 571122


Patient Links

The following website can provide more information about our care: