Nurses provide invaluable support to epilepsy patients

A mother has told of the ‘invaluable’ support she has received following her son’s epilepsy diagnosis.

Xander Krishnan suffered his first seizure the day after his fourth birthday and received his epilepsy diagnosis earlier this year.

Xander and his family have been supported by Royal Surrey’s dedicated epilepsy nurses Stephanie Lawrence and Natalie Baines

“It is so unbelievably scary watching your child have a seizure and I cannot begin to describe what it is like, said Sally, Xander’s mother.

“Stephanie and Natalie are simply amazing and we could not have got through the last few months without their help and support.”

Epilepsy is a common condition that affects the brain and causes frequent seizures.

Seizures are burst of electrical activity in the brain that temporarily affects how it works.

Stephanie and Natalie look after 210 patients aged between birth and 19 years of age.

They run monthly clinics, as well as offer support and advice both in hospital and in the community on everything from medication side effects to dealing with seizures.

Xander was initially started on a low dose of medication by his specialist and this has been gradually increased and will continue to do so until his seizures stop entirely.

Sally explained that this has been a difficult period for the family and they have found the support of Natalie and Stephanie invaluable.

“At points over the last few months I have spoken to Steph and Natalie on a weekly basis and they have been a great source of advice and support that has kept Xander out of hospital.

“I cannot thank them enough for listening to me and offering this absolutely vital service.”

Xander has not had a seizure for 10 days and it is hoped that he is now on the right dose of medication.

Stephanie, who joined Royal Surrey in 2015 said: “I love being able to support parents and their children through their epilepsy journey, which starts before they have even been diagnosed.

“It is incredibly rewarding to help them go from the shock of a diagnosis to the point where they realise that their child is no different than any other and can go on to live a normal life without restrictions.”

Natalie added: “I love being able to pass on my knowledge and expertise to make the children and families become experts in their epilepsy and how they can manage their condition successfully.”



Jo Mountjoy, Chief Nurse, said: “It fills me with great pride when I hear about the fantastic work that our nurses are doing every single day to provide for our patients and their loved ones.

“It is the expert knowledge and skill displayed by Stephanie and Natalie that enables patients, like Xander and his family, to feel supported when they are at their most vulnerable.”

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