The NHS employees a large number of (ex)nurses in non-clinical roles (management, IM&T, etc), with nursing experience as part of the person spec for the role. Many of them are are external contracts are high rates due to their nursing experience, which they may no longer be able to claim.


With the recent changes to nursing re-validation, will the Trust be reviewing these roles and staff in post for these roles? The Trust has no current plan to review these roles and staff in post for these roles.


Will you be ensuring staff are re-validated? Yes the Trust will ensure that staff are re-validated if they hold a current NMC pin irrelevant of their role, clinical / non clinical.


Will you be removing staff who fail to re-validate and replacing them with still registered staff? If the job description states a requirement for the job is to be RN or RW, we would work with the individual so that they did not fail to revalidate. In the event it did each case would be considered individually, but yes it could be possibility.


Will you be removing the nursing requirement from the role (and reducing pay band at the same time) – leading to cost savings? No – either it is a requirement for the role or not.

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