I am a researcher investigating the ways of communication among nurses in hospitals.

I would be most grateful to you if you could answer these six specific points:


1)      Do the nurses communicate among each other by face-to-face or do they use phones?  Face to face

2)      If they use phones, is 1 phone available for every single nurse at day shifts and at night shifts? (if not, how many nurses share one phone?)  N/A

3)      Does every doctor have a phone?  Currently, 20 doctors have mobile phones provided by the Trust.

4)      Are the phones also used for any other purposes beside communication? For which purpose?  Email and internet if capable

5)      What brand are the phones?  Nokia and Apple

6)      How many beds are handled by 1 nurse at day shifts and at night shifts?  Please note that this information is published in the staffing board papers on the Trust website as below and, therefore, Section 21 of the Freedom of Information Act pertains since this information is reasonably accessible by other means.


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