Non-Executive Directors

Our Non-Executive Directors ensure that the Board practice in the best interests of patients and the public. They are essentially critical friends, holding the Board to account by challenging its decisions and outcomes to that they are satisfied that as an organisation we have both financial and operational integrity.

They use their knowledge, skills and experience to help the Board formulate Trust strategies and actively support and promote a healthy organisational culture.

Non-Executive Directors regularly speak with patients and staff, listening to their views, ideas and concerns.


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Martin Hedley - Non-Executive Director

Martin Hedley - Non-Executive Director

Martin was appointed on 3 March 2016 and currently manages an advisory company providing executive coaching, mentoring and learning services. Having enjoyed an extensive expatriate career, primarily in the United States and the Gulf Countries, he brings experience from British Airways, American Airlines, JPMorganChase and Citibank. Having led consulting companies since 2002 he has brought his expertise in transformation, enterprise technology, service excellence and quality to several industries. His involvement in healthcare started at St Louis University in 2004 when he led transitional learning about safety from airlines to medicine.

He is a member of a Board Advisory firm based in New York City and runs the Peak Performer Forum, an online service dedicated to building leadership skills in remote parts of the world. He is also a Governor of Gateshead College and chairman of the Royal Surrey’s outpatient pharmacy subsidiary.  

Martin graduated from Newcastle University in Geomatics, is a published author and a senior member of the American Society for Quality.