Non-clinical team of the year finalists

Librarians, Library team at Royal Surrey County Hospital

Here to help

The library at the Royal Surrey is a key resource for supporting research and day-to-day specialist enquiries.

With its wide range of contemporary medical journals and essential expert texts, the library provides an unparalleled learning centre for health professionals who are engaged in research projects or just wishing to keeping up to speed with the latest developments in their field.  A dedicated team of library professionals is available to ensure that all queries are dealt with promptly and provide assistance with more detailed searches.

Library staff play a vital role in supporting learning and career development within the Royal Surrey.  It would be wonderful if their hard work and commitment could be honoured with a Surrey Star!


St Luke’s Back Office Team, Chemo co-ordinators and bookings clerks

Behind the scenes heroes

Working away behind the scenes in the St Luke’s Centre is a dedicated team of professionals who ensure that patient care programmes are smoothly and effectively implemented.

Composed of chemo co-ordinators and bookings clerks, the team may not have much face-to-face contact with many of the unit’s patients, but their commitment and hard work is an essential part of the care programme.  Close attention to detail and an ability to work under pressure are key requirements in these challenging roles. Yet, despite the constant demands on the team, they are always pleasant, enthusiastic, and willing to go above and beyond for patients’ care.

It is important that we honour the tremendous work done by this extremely professional team working behind the scenes. Thanks to them, cancer patients at the Royal Surrey are able to trust in the seamless delivery of their treatment and feel safe and reassured.


Outpatient Admin Team, Outpatients Department

At the sharp end

Upgrading the APAS system was always going to be challenging but it was particularly tough for the Outpatients Department due to the sheer volume of inquiries and requests.

With approximately 400,000 appointments, telephone calls and queries each year, Outpatients is at the sharp end of patient demand.  Managing the transition tested the team’s reserves of flexibility and professionalism to the extreme – and they came through with flying colours.

A major transformation and restructure have also placed the team under considerable pressure over the last 12 months.  Throughout this period of change, they have remained committed to providing the best possible service to patients in the face of resourcing challenges.

For so many patients, the Outpatients Department is their first point of contact with the Royal Surrey.  The team’s determination to deliver unbroken continuity of high quality service ensured that they emerged from this pressured period as a stronger and more cohesive team.


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