In 2014 the NHS published the Five Year Forward View stating that all trusts must have fully interoperable electronic health records so that patients’ records are largely paperless. CareWorks, is currently delivering a new kind of information solution providing community nurses, mental health teams, social workers and therapists with the tools they need to work better together. Our work is delivering a single software solution that supports both health and social service’s needs. We are now embarking on a body of research to develop a solution for an integrated Health and Social Care solution for England and the important trusts likes yours who deliver patient centred care. I would appreciate if you could complete the questions below in the hopes that we can gain a better understanding as to what your trust needs.


  1. Do you currently have an Electronic Patient Record system(s) in place? – No
  2. Can you provide a name for the system(s)? – N/A
  3. How much are you currently spending on this system annually for licensing and support fees? – N/A
  4. What is the date of contract expiry for the system(s)? – N/A
  5. How many users? (An estimation if unsure) – N/A
  6. How is your system hosted? – N/A
  7. Who is responsible for your local implementation of the objectives set out by the NHS in the Five Year Forward View?

Overall:                             Alf Turner – Deputy Chief Executive

IT:                                      Mike Cavaye – Associate Director of IT

Patient Administration:      Kathy Butt – Head of Patient Services (Interim)

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