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Trailblazing drive-through Glaucoma monitoring set up in just two weeks

Thought to be the first of its kind in England, last week saw the launch of our new drive-through Glaucoma monitoring and eye pressure measurement service.

Our Glaucoma Team, led by Mr Dan Lindfield, Consultant in Glaucoma, came up with the innovative idea of creating a ‘drive-through’ service to test eye pressure through car windows in order to continue this vital service through lockdown.

Glaucoma and Ocular Hypertension is symptomless and routine outpatient activity currently on hold, this innovative way of testing patients means this silent risk factor is still monitored.

Patients who are already under our care can receive a check up without having to come into the hospital, using a new high-tech portable machine purchased by the Trust specifically for this clinic. It takes seconds to perform the test through an open car window and gives an instant result.

Mr Dan Lindfield said: “When routine outpatient visits were cancelled again it was clear we needed to do something different. There is no way of checking eye pressure with a telephone appointment so it was time to be creative. I’d seen pharmacy, maternity and pacemaker drive-through clinics at the Trust and we found a way to do the same for eye pressure/Glaucoma monitoring. 

“It has been brilliant so far for our patients. We’re seeing more patients than we could otherwise see and it helps us locate those most in need of our services so they can be at the front of the queue for when normal services resume.

“In just two weeks I have seen an incredible team effort from our administration, outpatient coordinators, management, finance and clinical teams to get from the idea of setting up the drive-through, to seeing our first patient. Well done and thank you to everyone involved.”

Mr Lindfield reiterated that urgent outpatient appointments continue and that only routine appointments are affected. If you are a patient and have sight loss or worrying symptoms, please contact the Eye Clinic. If a very high eye pressure is discovered by the drive-through service then patients are invited immediately inside for full assessment and designated parking is on standby. 

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