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Surrey hospital leading the way on robotic surgery

We have become the only single site NHS Trust in the UK to have four state-of-the-art surgical robots. We now have three cutting edge robots dedicated to performing surgeries, along with a further machine to help with training.

This comes after we have recently taken delivery of two new advanced Xi surgical robots.

We are recognised as a leader in the field of robotic surgery with some of the best clinical outcomes, as well as for the high number of procedures it performs annually.

The machines allow surgeons to perform complex procedures with increased precision, whilst using a minimally invasive approach, meaning that the patient is not left with a large scar on the skin.

As a result, patients benefit from a shorter hospital stay, faster recovery, reduced blood loss and less discomfort post-surgery, smaller scars and much more.

Simon Butler-Manuel, Consultant Surgeon, said: “The Xi robots allow the use of special instruments which can mimic human wrist, hand, and finger movements, allowing a much superior range of motion during surgery.

“They also give a high-resolution, magnified 3D view of the area being operated on which grants greater surgical precision – this means complex cancer surgery is now less invasive for the patient.”

We first began using robots to assist with surgery in 2009 within gynaecology and urology.

Since then the amount of procedures performed has grown from 14 patients in 2009 to over 600 in 2019.

Thanks to the addition of the two new robots, we will be able to increase its use of robotics.

In particular, use of the robots will allow surgeons to robotically remove tumours from the tongue, liver, pancreas and oesophagus.

Medical Director, Dr Marianne Illsley, said: “We are very excited about the potential this state of the art equipment will provide to improve still further, the quality and safety of complex cancer surgery at the Trust to ensure our patients receive the best care possible.

“We have a fantastic robotic surgery team who consistently deliver innovation, excellence and quality care for our patients.

“These new robots will make a massive difference to the experience of our patients undergoing surgery by reducing the amount of time they have to spend in hospital and dramatically reducing the pain and discomfort experience during recovery.

“This means patients will be able to return to their normal lives much quicker.”

The addition of these two robots also means that we are able to send one of our existing robots for use in our Minimal Access Therapy Training Unit – allowing surgeons to refine their techniques in a controlled simulated environment, before operating on patients.

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