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Lifestyle and diet tips to improve digestive health

It’s important for all of us to look at our diet and lifestyle and find ways to improve our digestion and reduce the risk of digestive diseases. Dietetics Week (5 to 9 June) is a good reminder of how we can help do this.

Liz Toft, Gastro Allergy Dietitian, has some bite-sized advice to help. She said: “There are some simple ways to boost our digestive health, for instance, adding more fibre and plant-based diversity into our diet (more fruit, veg, nuts, seeds, pulses, and whole grains), cutting down on foods with a high level of saturated animal fat, and eating a good balance of fruit, vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains at each meal.

“Incorporating exercise into our daily routine and staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water will also have a positive impact on how well our digestive systems work."

“There’s a wealth of information out there on how to go about making changes to our diet and lifestyle but it can be hard to break out of bad habits and sometimes the advice can feel a bit overwhelming. Making small changes that are achievable is a good place to start and will be easier to sustain rather than setting big unattainable or unmaintainable goals.”

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