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Hospital Chief made professor

Our Chief Executive, Louise Stead is helping to shape the next generation of healthcare professionals after being appointed a visiting professor.

Louise has been selected for the post by the University of Surrey’s School of Health Science.

The role recognises her close collaboration with the University over the last 15 years.

Louise said: “I am delighted to be helping the University of Surrey to help shape and inspire existing and new health professionals of the future.

“This new role also cements the close working relationship the Royal Surrey enjoys with the University of Surrey, which is incredibly important and over the years has fostered the careers of many health professionals.”

Louise, who completed her Master’s degree at the University of Surrey, qualified as a registered nurse in 1988.

Prior to joining Royal Surrey she had a varied career in a number of London teaching hospitals and is an experienced nurse in cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, hepatobiliary and pancreatic medicine and surgery, haematology and coronary care.

Louise was appointed our Chief Executive in 2018 after seven years as our Chief Nurse.

Following her appointment as visiting professor she will continue to teach students at both an undergraduate and postgraduate level.

She also advises on updates to the curriculum for the School of Health Sciences.

Professor Melaine Coward, Head of the School of Health Sciences at the University of Surrey, said: “I am honoured to appoint Louise Stead as a visiting Professor in the school of health sciences at the University of Surrey – a title she richly deserves after continued support and collaboration with the school and our students over the last 15 years.

“Through her teaching, her curriculum advice, and the experience she brings as someone who has travelled from front-line nursing to chief executive, she is an exceptional source of knowledge and excellent role model for our students.”

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