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Carolyn’s painting creates a stir in Merrow Ward

“Most of my paintings are hidden under my bed at home,” said Ward Receptionist Carolyn Read about one of her favourite hobbies.

Now one of Carolyn’s paintings has become a focal point on Merrow Ward.

Carolyn’s large eye-catching mural, depicting a landscape at the height of summer, is on display for staff and patients to enjoy.

Painted using acrylics, the scene wasn’t inspired by a personal visit to the Italian countryside, but free painted by Carolyn, using her imagination.

Sister Zoe Goodfellow invited Carolyn to create the bold piece having seen some of her previous artwork, which staff and patients had praised. Zoe said: "Carolyn has created a relaxing and calming environment with her lovely mural. The area is now a perfect space where we can chat to families and patients, or staff can carry out e-learning and development."

The mural is in a designated quiet area in the 24-bed ward, which cares for patients’ undergoing cardiac treatment.

Carolyn said:  “This is the first time I have ever painted such a large piece directly onto the wall. Previously I have always painted, for example Christmas scenes on paper and then taken them down. Not this time. Lots of people have been so nice telling me how talented I am. I feel proud to see it there.”

Carolyn began painting during lockdown, making popular variations of the rainbow symbol, which is synonymous with the pandemic. She also makes each of her colleagues a hand-painted birthday card.

When asked if she would consider taking her brush and artist’s smock to any other wards, she said: “I’m open to it!”

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