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A much loved nurse returns home after 19 days in Intensive Care

Nurse, Edgar, being discharged

A much loved and long-time nurse has returned home in a highly emotional moment after spending four weeks in hospital with Covid-19 and 10 days on a ventilator.

Edgar Sablay, 48 years old, and his wife Bing, have worked at the Trust for 18 years after coming to the UK on the hospital’s fourth cohort of Philipino nurses.

Edgar began to develop Covid-19 symptoms back in April, which included a fever, cough and shortness of breath. This quickly developed into a life-threatening condition.

He was admitted to hospital and transferred to Intensive Care to support his respiratory functions.

Edgar said of the time that he "felt physically and emotionally exhausted".

After an extremely concerning few weeks Edgar started to recover and was discharged from Intensive Care onto a general ward and was then allowed to return home.

Once given the all clear, Edgar was reunited with his wife and on his way home he was applauded by colleagues who lined the front hall reception in a moving show of support.

Sue Herson, Matron of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), said: "Edgar is a well-known face around the Trust and is popular with all that know him. Unfortunately, he became extremely unwell and was on ICU requiring significant respiratory support for nearly three weeks.

"His discharge and recovery was a very touching moment. These types of happy events make all of our jobs worth it."

Edgar said of his carers and colleagues, "I want to thank all of my colleagues and friends who looked after me for their tremendous care, love and support.

"They are all in my heart and I am proud to be their fellow front-liner."

Edgar is now recovering at home with his wife and two dogs and is looking forward to returning to the frontline to support his colleagues.

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