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Have you seen the changes to the Government’s new guidance on alcohol consumption, which came into effect today?

The new recommendations advise that men and women who drink regularly should consume no more than 14 units of alcohol a week.

This is the equivalent of six pints of 4% beer or six glass of 13% wine (175ml glasses).

It also states pregnant women should not drink at all.

The guidelines warn that if you do drink 14 units of alcohol per week it is best to spread your consumption out over several days.

Royal Surrey County Hospital supports a healthy attitude towards drinking and in 2014 launched its Alcohol Liaison Service.

Anthony Gartland, the team’s Clinical Nurse Specialist, said, “It’s a fact that regularly drinking too much alcohol can have a severe effect on your health.

“The new guidance makes clearer what the safest level of drinking is.

“Royal Surrey’s Alcohol Liaison team provides a non-judgemental service for patients admitted with alcohol-related problems.

“Since the service launched we have seen a reduction in the number of people requiring a detox, and have introduced greater management for frequent A&E attendees.”


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