Community patients in Guildford and Waverley are now getting rapid, effectively targeted care from a ‘transformational’ Community Coordination Centre (CCC) at Milford Hospital that pools the resources of Guildford and Waverley Community Services.

Instead of spending time searching for the right community service for their patients, GPs and ambulance staff now send all their enquiries and referrals to the centre.

Centre staff  then ensure that patients get rapid access to care from the appropriate community services team.  For example, this could be the crisis response team for urgent visits – ensuring a patient is seen within two hours –  or other services such as community nursing and therapy services.

All community referrals are processed for both planned and unplanned care and co-ordinated for patients. The CCC ensures all referrals are handled quickly with a clinician managing professional-to-professional conversations. Crucially, the CCC will never reject a referral but will redirect it to the most appropriate service.

Right care at the right time in the right place

Community GP David Triska, based at the Witley Surgery, said that the new CCC has been ‘transformational’ in the service offered to patients, and the reassurance it gives to NHS staff working in the community.

“I no longer worry if I’m going to be able to get the community care my patients need, or have to spend hours battling for it,”  he said,

“We have seen a complete culture change where we now feel fully supported in our clinical decision making and part of a wider community health and social care structure. One family quite literally shed tears of happiness that they no longer had to spend hours on the phone fighting to get the care their loved one obviously needed.’

“It’s all about making sure that people get the right care, at the right time, in the right place by the right person,” said Jane Fagan,  Interim Associate Director of Ops and Transformation at Royal Surrey.

“The CCC is saving hundreds of hours of clinical time which would normally be spent dealing with referrals. It releases more time for our clinical staff to provide direct hands-on care for patients.”

Staffed by a team of eight, including clinicians and admin staff, the centre is open seven days a week from 8-6pm and has been developed without any additional funding.

The service has been fully operational in Waverley since the end of January and will be handling all calls from the Guildford areaas soon as we can mobilise the team.  The Waverley District Nurse hub is now based  within the CCC and soon will be joined by District Nurses from  the Jarvis Centre in Guildford.



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