I represent the volunteers (of which there are over 400) and some other subcontracted groups within the RSCH.

I have been a volunteer for the past 10  years, pounding the wards every week with the newspaper trolley and another trolley selling sweets, drinks, biscuits and emergency toiletries etc  It’s a wonderful volunteering job as everyone in the hospital is pleased to see me, and as one consultant said , we provide an invaluable service particularly for those patients who seldom have visitors.  I feel I’m in  a very lucky position, as I do have regular contact with patients, staff, visitors etc and I’m able to observe the day to day routine of life in the hospital. Because of this I became a governor in 2012,  I was galvanised into action by the car parking difficulties that all visitors to the hospital have, and I am grateful to be involved in future planning.

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