In your trust how many patients with Multiple Sclerosis have been treated with MS disease modifying drugs in the past 6 months, latest 6 months that you can provide? 

Please provide the number of patients by treatment for the following disease modifying drugs. 

Please find table below for the last 6 months (December 2015 – May 2016):

DRUG Patients
DIMETHYL FUMARATE 120 mg Capsules 5
DIMETHYL FUMARATE 240 mg Capsules 14
FINGOLIMOD 500 micrograms Capsules 1
HOMECARE FINGOLIMOD 500 micrograms Capsules 3
HOMECARE GLATIRAMER ACETATE 20 mg in 1ml Injection 14
HOMECARE INTERFERON BETA-1A (AVONEX) 30 micrograms Injection 1
HOMECARE INTERFERON BETA-1A (AVONEX) 30 micrograms Pre Filled Pen 5
HOMECARE INTERFERON BETA-1A (REBIJECT) 44 micrograms Injection 1
HOMECARE INTERFERON BETA-1A (REBISMART) 132 micrograms in 1.5ml Injection 12
HOMECARE INTERFERON BETA-1A (REBISMART) 66 micrograms in 1.5ml Injection 4
HOMECARE INTERFERON BETA-1B (BETAFERON) CONTINUATION PACK 300 micrograms in 1.2ml (9.6 million units) Powder and Solvent 3

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