The Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is withholding the level of detail sought in the request on the basis of the exemption contained within section 43(2) of the Freedom of Information Act (Commercial Interests). The Trust accepts that there is a public interest in how public money is spent; however there is also a need to withhold information that would prejudice the commercial interests of the Trust and/or third parties. In assessing the public interest, the Trust takes the view that this would be the case in this instance as such detail relates to commercially confidential agreements and pricing. However, the Trust confirms the following expenditure from 1st January 2012 to the present time:

                                          Qty                                                                                  Value (including VAT)

Roll Cages                         0
Beds                                   0
Lockers                            28                                                                                                 £13,200
Waste Bins                     863                                                                                              £104,940
Trolleys, various           431                                                                                              £151,660

The Trust has not centrally collated the data requested with respect to disposal of the above equipment.

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