SAS Doctors



Dr Kavitha Madhuri, SAS Tutor 


Lucy Caple, SAS Coordinator

Specialty and Associate Specialty Doctors are non-training grade doctors.  There are over 60 SAS doctors at RSCH.  They comprise an important and significant proportion of medical staff within RSCH.  As a valued part of our workforce, a dedicated SAS Tutor and SAS Coordinator provide support and educational opportunities.

The SAS Tutor works hard to ensure that funding is utilised to provide an excellent SAS doctors development programme. This has included running courses to aid personal development focussing on areas such as Appraisal for Revalidation and leadership and management skills.  The SAS Tutor also arranges regular SAS meetings.

We are fortunate to have some very driven doctors within our Trust who have achieved CESR (article 14). Further information on CESR can be found on the GMC website.

Any individual joining the Trust on a substantive Specialty Doctor or Associate Specialist contract should contact us so we can add you to our database.If you would like any information regarding SAS Doctors, and the facilities and courses available to them, please contact Dr Kavitha Madhuri, SAS Tutor or Lucy Caple, SAS Coordinator at

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