Clinical Oncology

St Luke’s Cancer Centre provides oncology training for both clinical and medical oncology Specialist Registrars. It is a popular centre for trainees to rotate to and spend time in. Our trainees benefit from learning in a Centre that uses the most up-to-date oncology treatment techniques within a busy general hospital. Providing them with opportunities to develop expertise in  radiotherapy and chemotherapy delivery, alongside working within a multi-disciplinary environment. State of the art treatment is provided with IMRT delivered routinely, alongside stereotactic body radiotherapy and brachytherapy for the treatment of prostate cancer, gynaecological malignancies and rectal cancers. St Luke’s Cancer Centre is often one of the first centres to implement new techniques that are driven forwards by the dynamic team that work here.

Here at St Luke’s, we have 6 linear accelerators,  in addition there are a further two linear accelerators at our satellite Centre in Redhill,  with further plans to expand to Ashford and St Peter’s NHS Trust. We have 19 Clinical Oncology Consultants and 6 Medical Oncology Consultants. Our close links with the University of Surrey provide research opportunities that are either based in the laboratory or clinical. We have four Consultants who are jointly employed by the University and Hospital, and currently we fund 3 oncology specialist registrars who are  working towards either an MD or PhD.

We run a weekly teaching programme for our Specialist registrars, many of whom also attend a weekly oncology course arranged by the Institute of Cancer Research.

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