How can I get referred to physiotherapy?

You can get referred via your midwife or GP or your consultant team

What should I wear for my physiotherapy appointment?

Loose comfortable clothing, which allows access to examine and assess your problem, should be adequate.

Will I need to undress for my treatment?

Yes, you may be asked to remove your outer garments for back and pelvic assessments. If you have a gynaecological condition, it may be part of your treatment to have an internal assessment. However, this will only be performed with your written consent. You will be given an option to have a chaperone present or decline the assessment. The Woman’s Health Team is entirely female.

Do I need to bring anything else?

As the service provides hire and purchase of various belts, TENs and other machines adjunct to your treatment; it would help to bring either some cash or a chequebook with you. We do not have facility to accept credit cards in the department.

Please also bring a list of any medication and any relevant medical results you may have been given.

Do I need to book in the antenatal childbirth preparation classes?

Yes, you need to send in a fully completed attendance slip on the booking form. Your midwife gives the classes information, dates and venues along with the booking slip, to you and it is also available on the hospital website.

Can I hire an Obstetric TENS Machine from the department?

Yes, we run a regular TENS clinic to explain the use of the machines,

You can hire them anytime after you are 37 weeks pregnant.

Do I have to attend the clinic in order to hire the machines?

The session is not compulsory.  However in our experience the clinic session     optimises the benefits of the use of TENS in labour. For women who have used the  machine in previous labour can hire them by ringing directly our reception no.

Tel 01483 464153

Can I bring my baby or and my toddler with me for my treatment sessions?

It is usually preferable to leave older children with a carer if possible.

It will help you to concentrate and  maximise  your time in the treatment session.  We realise it may not always be possible.

Does the service treat male patients?

Yes, some male patients with urological conditions are referred  to our service and are seen by our female therapists.

Should I be referred to your service if  I only have bowel symptoms?

A. According to our guidelines any patients with bowel problems should be referred initially to our Colorectal Consultant  via your G.P. The colorectal team may then refer you to physiotherapy as appropriate.

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