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How can my child be referred to physiotherapy?

If your child is on the ward the doctors or nurses will refer your child in the daily handover of the patients. If it is to the outpatient service, this can be done through your GP or Paediatrician.

Do paediatric physiotherapists come to my home to treat my baby?

The paediatric physiotherapy team at Royal Surrey County Hospital treat babies on site only. Outpatients are seen in either the Children’s unit or the Physiotherapy Department depending on their need and the therapist they are seeing. If your baby/child needs ongoing treatment then it may be discussed with you about referring them to the community team. The treatment location is then discussed but occasionally it is at your home or the child’s nursery or school.

Do I need to bring anything with me when I bring my child to see the physiotherapist?

If you are bringing a child under the age of 2 it is useful for us to know when they achieved their developmental milestones. If you have a record of this in their red book then that would be useful.

For the older child, a pair of shorts, so if appropriate we can look at how they move, walk and run.

Can I stay with my child?

We will need you to stay with your child throughout the treatment.

How will the Consultant or GP who referred my child know how they are progressing?

If there are any concerns, then the physiotherapist will contact them immediately. On the whole this is not required and when the child is discharged from physiotherapy a letter updating them of their progress will be sent.

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