Physiotherapy for Elderly People

We provide physiotherapy for inpatients on the acute medical elderly wards.  Our role is to assess and plan an individual treatment programme specific to our patients needs.   We work closely with the multi-disciplinary team to plan, organise and facilitate discharge.

A period of immobility, being unwell or a fall in the elderly can often lead to deterioration in their mobility, functional capabilities and confidence.

Our patients often have physical and social needs.  They can have more than one complex need, these conditions can include:

–          Falls

–          Deterioration of mobility

–          Dementia

–          Cognitive impairment

–          Complex social and psychological issues

–          Neurological impairment

–          Fractures and orthopaedic conditions

–          Respiratory conditions

–          Cancer

–          Management of long term conditions

The aim of physiotherapy intervention is to optimise movement and function.  This can be achieved by an individually tailored programme which may include exercise, walking re-education, self management strategies and promotion of independence.

We take a holistic approach to patient management and aim to include patients’ emotional and mental wellbeing as well as their physical needs.

Our Team

The elderly physiotherapy team consists of senior physiotherapists, physiotherapists and a physiotherapy assistant.

We work alongside six Geriatricians across four wards.  These are Eashing, Tilford, Compton and Onslow wards.

The elderly team at times assess and treat patients admitted to the Medical Assessment Unit under the Geriatricians.

Patient Information / FAQs

What should I / my relatives bring into hospital for physiotherapy sessions? 

If you or your relative has been admitted to the elderly wards, please ensure that you have considered bringing in the following:

  • Footwear – well fitting slippers or outdoor shoes
  • Walking aid
  • Wheelchair
  • Day clothes
  • Any specialist appliance for mobility.

Please liaise with the ward physiotherapist before bringing in specialist mobility equipment.

What will happen after I leave hospital?

Following a period of physiotherapy at the Royal Surrey Hospital, patients may require a longer period of rehabilitation at a community hospital prior to discharge home.  This is a joint decision between all members of the team involved in the patients care.

If a patient is discharged directly home from hospital, the physiotherapist will consider a referral for ongoing physiotherapy in the community, out-patient or day hospital setting.

Further Information

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