Leadership competencies are now embedded within the curriculum of all the medical specialties at all levels. Doctors are required to understand the concepts of leadership. The members on all consultant interview panels will be looking for evidence of leadership within audit, quality improvement, research or management. Both HEKSS and the Trust recognise the need to prepare our trainees for life as senior doctors.


Royal Surrey County Hospital Junior and Senior Leadership Programmes

We want to aim beyond the basic competencies required by the various speciality curricula.

The aim of the Leadership Programmes is to ensure that a number of trainees across the organisation are supported in positively and concretely contributing to leadership initiatives.

The Royal Surrey County Hospital has developed a local ‘Creating the Culture for Continuous Improvement’ (C3I) programme with which the Senior Leadership Programme will integrate to aid joint working between Clinicians of all disciplines and Management.

For further information on the junior and senior leadership programmes run by the Medical Education Department please contact Tracey Cookman, Interim Medical Education Manger [tracey.cookman@nhs.net].

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