‘Opportunities to spend time training within all of the cardiac imaging specialties is an attractive selling point of the Royal Surrey County Hospital’

 Dr Clare Bannister, ST3, Cardiology


The Royal Surrey County Hospital is a large, district general hospital situated on the outskirts of Guildford.  It serves a population of 320,000 and has very close links with the University of Surrey with an extensive education, training and research portfolio.

The Cardiology department consists of a busy inpatient 24 bed unit centered on Merrow ward, as well as a 6 bed Coronary Care Unit.  Cardiac investigations include a fully comprehensive imaging service (echocardiography, CT coronary angiography, nuclear imaging, MRI and stress echocardiography), exercise testing, cardiac monitoring, MV02 testing and blood pressure monitoring.  There is a cardiac catheter laboratory on site where coronary angiography, permanent pacing including complex pacing and catheter ablation is performed.

There are five Cardiology consultants; Dr Hickman (Clinical Lead), Dr Chua, Dr Cookson, Dr Leatham and Dr Zuberi as well as an associate specialist, Dr Daraz, who specialises in cardiac imaging.  Three registrars rotate around the Consultant teams every four months.  An example timetable is attached which demonstrates the wide variety in training opportunities available.

Weekly echocardiography meetings are held on Tuesdays with the attendance of the multi-disciplinary team, which is a good learning experience for training registrars.  Opportunities to spend time training within all of the cardiac imaging specialties is an attractive selling point of the Royal Surrey County Hospital when completing district general hospital training. There is also an excellent opportunity to develop catheter laboratory skills, with 1-2 days per week spent training in the on-site cardiac catheter laboratory under direct consultant supervision.  This includes specific electrophysiology training with Dr Zuberi.  Cardiology and cardio-thoracic surgical multidisciplinary meetings are held regularly and registrars are expected to present and discuss the management of more complex patients. A large number of the patient population admitted to the Royal Surrey Hospital have decompensated heart failure, providing trainees with a good grounding in the management of heart failure.


Educational Opportunities:  

Regional cardiology and medical training days are held at the Royal Society of Medicine and study leave is available in order to be able to attend these.  Weekly grand round presentations are held on Thursday mornings and cardiology registrars are expected to attend and present interesting cases.

  • Local Training Days : Weekly grand round presentations, echo MDT’s, cardio thoracic MDT’s
  • Other Educational Events / Opportunities : Simulation workshops
  • Sub Specialty Opportunities

Electrophysiology:  EP specific clinics with catheter laboratory training including pacing, CRT & catheter ablations.

Imaging: echocardiography, CT coronary angiography, nuclear medicine, cardiac MRI and stress echocardiography training

Intervention:  Training in coronary angiography at on-site cardiac catheter laboratory. Attendance at cardiology/cardiothoracic surgical MDT’s

Heart failure: Good grounding in heart failure management due to high proportion of inpatients and outpatients with heart failure

  • Approach to Supervision and Mentoring: Educational and clinical supervisors allocated at the start of the training year. Additional support available from medical administrative team.

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