The Shere Suite

Pre-planning a post-natal stay offers peace of mind for any expectant parent that they will have a quiet and comfortable environment to enjoy the first few days of bonding with their new arrival. For this reason we have recently launched our refurbished Shere Suite, a luxury en-suite room for new mothers, where you can relax with your partner and new baby in a quiet and comfortable environment, that is now open for advanced reservation.

Women using the room will receive the same care as an NHS patient with access to our high standards of midwifery, neonatal and obstetric care.

RS140552_8277-scrThe private suite is furnished to high standards and is equipped with a bedside cot, en-suite bathroom, fridge and comfortable fold away bed for partners.

For new parents comfort towelling slippers are provided and a gift set of natural pampering products in a keepsake box is for the new mother. There is also a Royal Surrey teddy bear for the new arrival. The room is also stocked with refreshments and each day residents will be offered their choice of meal from the standard NHS menu.

In addition to the NHS package of care, you will also receive:

  1. A one to one antenatal education class with one of our specialist midwives
  2. A tour of the maternity unit and its facilities for you and your family at a time of your choice
  3. A feeding consultation during your stay in hospital with either our specialist midwife or a specialist feeding support worker
  4. An opportunity to review your birth experience with a maternity matron or senior midwife
  5. Open visiting for your family between 08.30am and 22:00pm.


The Shere Suite can be booked in advance for between one and four nights for £450 per night.

Short notice bookings are available if the room is not in use for £395.

For more information or to make a booking, call The Private Patients Office on 01483 571122 Ext 2442 or 2167 or Maternity Matron on Ext 4706.

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