Security of newborn babies


Please be advised that the maternity unit and the Special Baby Care Unit operate a security surveillance system which protects the safety of the babies whilst they are in our care.

Please note that security cameras operate in all of the areas and  members of the public will be questioned prior to admission and asked to identify themselves before entering the maternity unit.

The unit is locked at both entrances and we operate a buzzer system to gain admission to the maternity unit and special care baby unit. This system is reliant on members of staff answering the security door bell and we appreciate your patience in waiting to gain entry. This is particularly important during busy times when staff might be delayed for a short while due to their clinical commitment to the mothers and babies.

TAILGATING IS NOT TOLLERATED as this is a security risk and we would appreciate that if you are invited to come in following a conversation with a member of staff over the intercom system you do not allow others to follow you.

Many thanks

Maternity security team





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