Mothers who are booked for an NHS birth at the Royal Surrey County Hospital may choose to have private antenatal care. This option provides continuity of care during the antenatal period with direct access to the consultant for additional queries and the option to request additional consultations if required. Royal Surrey Hospital will provide midwifery care and inform the consultant when patients’ attend the hospital. The consultants are available to be contacted out of hours the midwives.

Costs for Private Antenatal Care

Please note that tests and scans undertaken as part private antenatal care will be billed separately

Initial Consultation

Booking private antenatal care is a big decision. The high cost of this care reflects the very high medical insurance premium associated with private obstetric care. Some high-risk cases will not be appropriate for private antenatal care and will need to be transferred to the NHS pathway under the same consultant’s care.

Our consultants offer an initial consultation to decide whether private care is right for you. The cost of this ad hoc consultation will be deducted from your initial invoice should you wish to proceed with private antenatal care.

Service Cost
Initial consultation (if required) and Ad Hoc antenatal consultations (not including scans) £250
Booking from early pregnancy antenatal care only (NHS birth) £6500
Booking at 28 weeks’ antenatal care only (NHS birth) £6000
Booking at 35 weeks’ antenatal care only (NHS birth) £5500

Package Prices (depending on gestation at booking) includes:

  • Initial consultation to discuss birth options.
  • Consultations every 4 weeks to 28 week
  • Consultations every 2 weeks to 36 weeks
  • Weekly consultations until delivery
  • NHS Delivery at the Royal Surrey Hospital with consultant supervision.
  • Patients booking for private antenatal care will be able to book a private room for the postnatal period in the hospital and partners will be welcome to stay. Information regarding the private rooms will be sent to you by the maternity matrons.
  • Post natal appointment.


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