Newborn Examinations

Within 72 hours of giving birth, you will be offered a thorough physical examination for their baby. This includes babies who are born at home.

The newborn physical examination is usually carried out in Royal Surrey before you go home, once the baby is more than 6 hours old. It will be conducted by a paediatrician or a midwife who has undertaken additional training.

This examination includes specific screening tests to find out if your baby has any problems with their eyes, heart, hips and, in boys, the testicles (testes). This examination is part of the Newborn and Infant Physical Examination (NIPE) screening programme.

The aim is to spot any problems early so treatment can be started as soon as possible. Usually, nothing of concern is found. If the health professional carrying out the examination does identify a problem, they may refer your baby for more tests. Not all problems are identified immediately and some can take time to develop. For this reason you will be offered another physical examination for your baby at six to eight weeks, usually done by your GP.

Newborn Hearing Screen 

The postnatal ward has a team of technicians that aims to screen your baby’s hearing before discharge from hospital. If this is not possible you will be offered an appointment at one of the following venues:

  • Royal Surrey County Hospital
  • Haslmere
  • Farnham
  • Woking
  • Ashford
  • Staines
  • Addlestone

If you have any concerns at all concerning your newborn’s hearing, please ring the team on 01483 783143

More information is also available from the following sites:

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