Pictures to treasure

In the Antenatal Clinic at Royal Surrey County Hospital we provide scans by a skilled team of sonographers and obstetricians.  All our scan rooms have additional television screens so that you and your partner can watch the live scan images comfortably, whilst they are being captured by the ultrasonographer.

Ultrasound scan pictures can be purchased as a memento of your visit via Ultrasound Reception which is situated in the Antenatal clinic.

There are three different packages available:

  • Bronze             1 x Thermal image presented in a mount
  • Silver               3 x Thermal images presented in a mount
  • Gold                CD with a minimum of 3 digital images presented in a wallet

PAYMENT IS BY CASH ONLY (Cash machines available in Main Hospital Reception or within the Canteen – Spice of Life Level A).

Recorded images are not meant to be diagnostic, unless specifically stated as such. The quality of the images cannot be guaranteed as this is influenced by babies orientation and maternal habitus.


Packages availability at different gestations Less than 11 weeks 11+1 – 13+6 weeks 18+0 – 20+6 weeks More than 21 weeks
Bronze £5 £5 £5 £5
Silver £10 £10
Gold £15 £15





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