This is the latest feedback from some of our Antenatal Classes:

“I just wanted to say that today’s Antenatal workshop was really fantastic. The day was really interesting and gave both my husband and I some really fantastic advice and tools to add to our “birthing tool box”

“I would highly recommend the Fear Release class! Claire was an absolutely exceptional facilitator! Her passion and commitment to ensuring that mums-to-be are relieved of their birthing fears was both clear and incredibly beneficial.  The class was very informative and I will definitely be using what I learned when the time comes.  Never thought I’d say this, but I am now actually looking forward to the whole giving birth experience rather than dreading and being afraid of it like I was before.”

“I just wanted to email to say how much my husband and I enjoyed the Active Birth Class.  It was really refreshing to hear birth spoken about in such a positive way, it has given me loads of ‘tools’ I can use and my husband feels a lot more confident now he is equipped with his 5R’s!  Thank you”

“We were given detail of several antenatal classes at our first Midwife appointment and the Birth & Beyond classes stood out a mile from the others. Classes being run by actual working midwives who have experienced every kind of birth thrown at them, passing their experiences onto the couples taking part in the courses & giving them realistic expectations.  We both gained so much knowledge & confidence from this course & would strongly recommend it to any expectant parents”

“A quick  Thank You for the Birth and Beyond Classes. Each session was packed full of extremely useful and practical information, from cervix thinning to the 5Rs (rest, relax, reposition, rehydrate and reassure!) to breast feeding (nose to nipple and tummy to mummy!).  Everything was explained very clearly, so that we understood what would be happening at each stage of birthing.  The information was presented in a variety of ways, we were encouraged to get involved in the sessions, have a giggle and felt able to ask questions.  The tour of the maternity floor was very helpful as we could see where we might be and what equipment was available.  As a result of these sessions, both my husband and I now feel confident and happy about what to expect and how best to manage the birth of our baby.  We know that there might be complications, but we are not worried about them.  We are going in with a positive mindset because of your positivity and calm confidence!  I already have my fingers crossed that my baby decides to come when you are on duty”

“I am so pleased I attended the Breastfeeding workshop, it was so informative and I have come away feeling much more confident now!  As well as providing lots of information on the benefits of breastfeeding the session also covered all the practical elements of breastfeeing like how to position baby and how we can tell if baby is latched correctly.  I would highly recommend the session”

“I wanted to say a huge thank you for yesterday’s Hypnobirthing class, myself and my husband both came out extremely positive and on a good path aiming for a midwife led birth at the Royal Surrey.  It was great to get a chance to look around the maternity unit to help familiarise ourselves with the surroundings.  Everything we learnt has definitely helped ease the fear and understand what a natural process giving birth should be”

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