Ultrasound Scans

Early Pregnancy Assessment

Viability scans can be performed up to 14 weeks:

  • To confirm pregnancy and estimate a due date
  • To exclude ectopic pregnancy
  • To reassure when bleeding
  • To check for twins or more

EPAU is a referral service only, for further information, please contact our Early Pregnancy Office on 01483 402792, Monday – Friday 8.30-4pm.

Screening for chromosomal and fetal abnormalities

  • Combined test is a screening test for Down’s syndrome in pregnancy involving the measurement of two substances in maternal blood and the ultrasound measurement. It is available to you between 11 weeks and 13 weeks plus 6 days of your pregnancy.
  • Quadruple test: a screening test for Down’s syndrome and some cases spina bifida. This test is available to you between 15 weeks and 22 weeks and six days of your pregnancy.
  • Anomaly scanning
  • The SAFE Test: Private non-invasive prenatal testing available privately, please visit the SAFE test page for more information
  • For further information on the screening tests available for you and your baby, visit the national screening website

Should any abnormality be detected or you receive a high screening risk you will be referred to the Antenatal Screening Coordinator to discuss further options including:

Chorionic villus sampling (CVS): a test to detect specific genetic disorders. It is available between 11 and 14 weeks of your pregnancy.   Undertaken at a tertiary unit – common units we refer to

St Georges Healthcare NHS Trust

Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

  • Amniocentesis: a test for Down’s syndrome or other specific genetic disorders. It is available from 16 weeks of your pregnancy.  Undertaken locally by our Fetal Medicine Consultants.
  • The SAFE Test: Private non-invasive prenatal testing available privately, please visit the SAFE test page for more information

For more information about screening, click here.

Our Screening Coordinators are Deana Frost and Elizabeth Rackliffe-Collins. They are supported by Midwife Marina Cadillac-Garcia and can be contacted on 01483 571122 ext. 6355, Monday – Friday 9-5pm.

Pictures to Treasure

In the Antenatal Clinic at Royal Surrey County Hospital we provide scans by a skilled team of sonographers and obstetricians.

All our scan rooms have additional television screens so that you and your partner can watch the live scan images comfortably.

Ultrasound scan pictures can be purchased as a memento of your visit via Ultrasound Reception which is situated in the Antenatal clinic, third door on the right from the entrance to Outpatients 1.


  •  Before 28 weeks £10.00 for 3 photos
  • After 28 weeks £5.00 for 1 photo
  • CD with a minimum of 3 digital images £15.00

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