Consultant Led Care

The majority of women will have no complications in pregnancy and only see a midwife. For those women with existing medical problems or who develop problems during their pregnancy, they will be paired with a named consultant depending on those medical or obstetric needs.

Consultant clinics are held of in the afternoon, except for the two outreach clinics which are in the morning.

Miss Hutt and Miss Roberts also undertake fetal medicine scan lists 2 sessions each a week. for more information about ultrasound, please click here

We have a team of ten Obstetric Consultants, each have a different interest/ specialty in pregnancies that are identified as being high risk. Please see below for the list of specialties that are covered. This is not exhaustive but are some of the reasons an appointment would be needed to discuss your pregnancy and develop a plan of care.

Please see our Consultants and their specialties below:

Dr Karen Morton
Diabetes/ Endocrine Disorders

Miss Renata Hutt
Fetal Medicine/ Complex Multiple Pregnancy

Mr Matthew Koomson
Teenagers/ Maternal medicine

Miss Lesley Roberts
Mental Health/Fetal Medicine

Mr Osama Abughazza
Emergency Gynaecology

Miss Chimwemwe Kalumbi
Early Pregnancy Unit

Miss Annette Reid

Mr Andrew Kent

Mr Paul Curtis
Infertility/ Multiple Pregnancy

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