Antenatal Care & Screening at The Royal Surrey

Routine antenatal care for the majority of low risk women in the Guildford and surrounding area’s is usually provided by a community midwife and their clinic’s generally take place in your GP’s surgery or a local Children’s Centre.

The community midwives are split into two teams called Rose Team and Willow Team.

Midwives in the teams offer antenatal (before birth) and postnatal (after birth) care to women in a defined area.

Please follow the link for a full list of all the Community Midwife Clinics and the GP surgeries they cover.

Ultrasound scans and any appointments with an obstetrician (a doctor who specialises in pregnancy and birth) will happen in Antenatal Clinic, Level B of the Royal Surrey County Hospital (RSCH). All ultrasound scans and women who fall outside of the community midwife boundaries will also be seen in the Antenatal Clinic.

Moving house during pregnancy?

If you move house during pregnancy so that you come under a different GP catchment area, please ensure that you register with your local GP as soon as possible and make an appointment to see your new midwife.

Antenatal Clinic

We are a busy, friendly antenatal clinic, located within the outpatient department setting, situated behind Marks & Spencer. The clinic is open Monday-Friday during office hours. Please ring 01483 406717 to speak to a member of the Antenatal Clinic team. During busy periods an answerphone service operates, so if you require urgent advice please ring the Acute Assessment Unit (AAU) 01483 464147.

We provide routine midwifery clinics to our out of area women during the mornings, whilst our team of Obstetric Consultants offer care and clinics for high risk pregnancies during the afternoons from 2pm Tuesday-Friday.

For women in the local area, routine antenatal care is provided by our teams of community midwives, within your GP surgery or children’s center. Your community midwife will provide you with this information during your booking appointment.

For women with multiple pregnancies, you will receive consultant led care provided in the Antenatal Clinic. Midwife Shelly Wells is the main midwife who provides care in the Antenatal Clinic. For further information, advice and tips regarding multiple pregnancy and what to expect, please follow the link to Tamba –

We are able to provide whooping cough vaccination by appointment only in the Antenatal Clinic. To book an appointment, please ring 01483 464004

Shelley Wells
ANC Coordinator

Claire Isaac
Midwife with interest in Diabetes

Jolanta Leszczynska
Midwife to Support Polish Women

Ali McLaren
Midwife with interest in Diabetes

 The Jasmine Team


The Jasmine Team – Midwives, Carly Eeles and Amanda Blane, provide a valuable resource to our women who have mental health concerns. They work within the Safeguarding Team and work alongside Obstetric Consultant Lesley Roberts in her Antenatal Clinic.

Ruth Breen is our Teenage Support Midwife. She works with our teenage mums through their pregnancy and preparing them for parenthood. She works alongside Obstetric Consultant Matthew Koomson during his Friday afternoon clinic.

We support the ‘Every Mum’ Movement!

Founded by Olivia Siegl, Mum-of-two and survivor of Postnatal Depression and postnatal Psychosis following the birth of her two children.  Olivia has decided to use her lived Experience of Maternal Mental Health to create a global movement to empower Every Mum to take care of their Maternal Mental health and support her belief and passion that “Every Mum Deserves the Right to Enjoy Motherhood”.

When you become a mum and then a mum who is suffering with a Maternal Mental Health illness, one of the biggest things you feel that is stolen from you is your ability to enjoy being a mum.  The illness rips away this joy and leaves you bereft. Olivia is therefore, inviting you and Every Mum out there, to join forces with her to help Every Mum be mentally buff for Motherhood and to help Every Mum suffering with a Maternal Mental Health illness reclaim their right to enjoy Motherhood!

Please come and show your support or get support by joining @everymummovement on Instagram & Facebook  and find out more at

Amanda Blane
Jasmine Team Midwife

Ruth Breen
Teenage Support Midwife

 Screening Midwives


Our Specialist Screening Midwives, are Elizabeth Rackliffe-Collins and Deana Frost.

The team provide support to the fetal medicine consultants and counsel women with regards to antenatal screening tests and any invasive testing that may be required.

The team also offer private Non- Invasive Pre Natal Testing called the SAFE Test. For more information please click here.

For more information about Ultrasound during pregnancy, please click here

For more information about the Screening tests available to you, please click here to download the latest leaflet. It is also available in several different languages here.

Screening tests for you & your baby

Elizabeth Rackliffe-Collins
Antenatal Screening Coordinator

Deana Frost
Antenatal Screening Coordinator

Perineal Care Clinic

Dr Angie Wilson – Specialist Perineal Care Midwife provides a weekly clinic based in the Antenatal Clinic here at the Royal Surrey.

As a Specialist Perineal Care Midwife Angie offers women the opportunity to share their concerns and anxieties about previous problematic perineal trauma and associated issues in a confidential and relaxed environment. The consultation and risk assessment provides women with an individualised perineal care pathway, which can be incorporated into their birth plan.

The aim of the clinic is to empower women and enable them to be active in minimising perineal trauma at birth and caring for their perineum after birth. All women should recieve the booklet ‘How to minimise perineal trauma at your birth and caring for your perineum after the birth of your baby’ in their booking pack.

The clinic, opened in 2012 at Guildford Children’s Centre. Feedback from women who have visited the perineal care clinic has been very positive.

Women who have booked to their baby at Royal Surrey County Hospital can be referred by midwives, GPs, consultants, physiotherapists as well as self-refer. Appointments come on a first come first serve basis. 

Birth Options Clinic

If you have had a Caesarean Section in a previous pregnancy you will be booked to have your care led by a named Consultant Obstetrician. You will be offered an appointment at around 20 weeks to meet your Consultant or a member of their team to discuss your previous pregnancy and options for birth this time.

You may choose to have a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Casearean) or a booked (Elective) Caesarean Section.

To support your choice and ensure you have the correct information you need for this appointment, the team of Professional Midwifery Advocates have created a short presentation. Please click the link below to view:

Birth Options after Caesarean Section

If you feel you would benefit from discussing your previous birth experience and your options for birth in this pregnancy, we offer a Birth Options Clinic with Consultant Obstetrician Matthew Koomson. Referral can be made by your community or antenatal clinic midwife.

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