I am a journalist working for the BBC Radio 5 live programme 5 live Investigates. Could you please provide me with a response to the following FOI request which relates to staffing in your maternity service. If your trust runs more than one maternity service, please give me separate responses covering each service. I take maternity service to cover the obstetric and birth centres.
I am requesting the following information:

1, What is your current funded establishment (staffing) in the maternity service – please give a breakdown of type of job and numbers of posts and pay bands (i.e. Head of Midwifery, consultant midwives, midwives, medical registrar, ancillary staff etc). Please provide whole-time equivalents, wte.

Head of Midwifery x 1.0 wte
Matrons band 8 x 3 wte
Band 7 x 21.32 wte
Band 6 x 46.7 wte
Band 5 x 23.27 wte
Band 3 x 10.63 wte
Band 2 x 23.54 wte
Nurse band 6 x 0.64 wte

2, On November 11th 2015, please give a breakdown of the vacancies (on the basis of job grade outlined in question 1 by wte). Please tell me how many of those vacancies (based on job grade) have been vacant for:

Head of Midwifery = 0
Band 8 = 0
Band 7 = 2.16 wte
Band 6 = 0
Band 5 = 0
Band3 = 0
Band 2 = 0
Nurse band 6 = 0

Less than 1 month
= 2.16

1 to 3 months

3 + months

3, On November 11th 2015 from 00.01 to 24.00, in total how many women in the maternity services department were in established labour? Of those women, how many received 1 to 1 care from a midwife for the entire duration of established labour?

Within the time period there were 11 women who had completed episodes of care and for those women 1 to 1 care in labour and delivery was provided. The service uses a labour and delivery acuity tool to assess staffing levels against needs of women and throughout the time period this was green.

4, On November 11th 2015, how many midwives were rota’ed on duty – and how many were on duty?

Maternity unit clinical care (hospital only)
Early = 12 midwives, 4 MSWs (Maternity Support Workers)
Late = 12 midwives, 4 MSWs
Night =10 midwives, 3 MSWs

The numbers that were rostered were equal to the numbers on duty.

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