Broken down by each year from 2010 onwards:

 1.  The number of maternity patients classed as high risk, classed as low risk, and classed as intermediate risk (or any other categories) when each patient’s record was last updated. The Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust does not classify patients in this way and this data is not collected by the Trust Maternity information system. 


2. The maternity unit’s policy on referrals to midwife led units for each year: specifically the factors considered high risk (such as specific BMI, sexual activity, specific age threshold, previous history etc). If policies are not available for each year please provide the most recent versions available. Please find below the following policies:

  • Homebirth and MLU (new policy) ratified 2014
  • First Stage of Labour 2008 – 2012
  • First Stage of Labour 2012 onwards 

 First Stage of Labour Dec 08 – Apr 12

Home Birth and MLU V1.0 February 2014

Labour, First Stage April 2012 


 3. The name of the database software used to store information on maternity patients (e.g. Euroking, etc) and the data dictionary for that data. A data dictionary is merely a list of the column names (fields) used to store the data, such as risk classification, risk factor etc. Prior to 21st October 2014 the Trust used K2 (Euroking) supplied by HSS Euroking.

From 21st October 2014 the Trust has used E3 (Euroking) version supplied HSS Euroking.

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