Freedom of Information request to all NHS Foundation Trusts and NHS Trusts about commercial activity in maternity wards: 

Which commercial organisations are permitted to promote or distribute their products or the products of other organisations in the Trust’s maternity wards; what revenues accrue to the Trust from that activity; and what evidence is there that patients welcome such activity? 

Where possible could we have the figures for the revenues accrued over the last 5 years?


The Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust permits Bounty to promote/distribute their products in the Trust’s maternity wards in return for a fee which is reinvested to benefit women who use the Trust’s maternity services.  See below for fees received over the last 5 years:


2016 Q1- £1197.80

2015 – £4273.78

2014 – £7765.05

2013 – £7856.90

2012 – £7999.68

2011 – £7271.68

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