Maintaining your Hearing Aids

Is your hearing aid whistling?

  • Check the mould is inserted correctly.
  • Have your ears checked for wax.
  • Check mould is not loose.
  • Check tubing is not hard.
  • If your hearing aid has a volume control, check it is not too high.

Has your hearing aid stopped working?

  • Change the battery
  • Check the tubing is not kinked, blocked with condensation/water or twisted
  • Check hearing aid is not on T (loop) position.
  • If you hold the hearing aid in the palm of your hand and close it, it should “whistle” when switched on the program for everyday use.

Mould Hygiene

  • Daily: Wipe the ear mould with a damp flannel or wet-wipe when removed from ear.
  • Weekly: Detach the mould from the aid and wash in warm soapy water (make sure that there is no water in the tubing before connecting the mould to the hearing aid). Leave the mould overnight to dry.

Step-by-step Guide

It is important that the mould is kept clean to enable the best quality of sound from the aid

If problems persist after you have applied each of the troubleshooting steps then please attend a walk-in repair session

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