Looking after your wellbeing

An important part of our Royal Surrey family is providing not only a friendly and supportive environment, but one that promotes staff physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing. One that reflects our own core trust values, applying the same care and support towards the health and wellbeing needs of our colleagues, that we do our local health population.

We want to create a culture where our staff feel empowered and celebrated and one where colleague engagement is championed across all levels.

Our ambition involves creating and nurturing a healthy, happy workforce that is able to thrive, achieve and lead, supported by corporate health and wellbeing opportunities and role modelled by our organisational leaders.

We are investing in our new Health and Wellbeing Strategy by recruiting new staff and services to support colleagues.

Psychological wellbeing

As healthcare providers, we often invest all of our time and energy caring for others, and ignore the signs that we require support ourselves. We understand this and want to reassure you that we offer support that can cater to your needs. This includes having access to counselling, support groups and Mental Health Practitioners. 

Physical Wellbeing

Taking time to optimise your physical health can boost your moodhelp you to maintain motivation and energy, and improve your overall quality of life. At Royal Surrey we have a number of initiatives that will help support you Physical wellbeing including access to our physios, a cycle to work scheme and our staff gym.

Social wellbeing

A wealth of evidence shows that positive relationships and shared activities contribute to our wellbeing. Within the Trust we have access to our social club who hold events throughout the year. We also have plenty of social opportunities to support you including the Menopause Café, where staff can share their stories in a welcoming environment and Schwartz rounds event which is forum for staff to share their challenge and rewards they face at the Trust.

Financial wellbeing

It is likely that most people will experience money worries at some point in their life and we all know that this can lead to sleepless nights, anxiety, and an inability to focus on your work. As a Trust we offer a large amount of support that can help you with your personal finances. These include a large variety of discounts at major retailers, a car lease scheme and childcare support to name a few. You can read more about our staff benefits here