Many thanks for your response to my FOI request in May 2016 regarding the Junior Doctors Contract.

Unfortunately just after the time I asked my question a mutually-agreed moratorium was put in place and further changes were negotiated.  It is therefore hard to know if your previous response is still accurate in the light of the fact a new contract has been announced and you may not have been able to fully comment as a result.

I would therefore be grateful if you could please review your previous response and consider if it is still valid with respect to the currently proposed contract: [Terms and Conditions of Service for NHS Doctors and Dentists in Training (England) 2016 Version 1 (6th July 2016)]. If your response is unchanged I would be grateful if you could please let me know and there is no need to respond to the specific questions below. If your response is no longer valid I would be grateful if you could please consider the following three areas with regards to this version of the contract:

There are no changes to the response to FOI 1751 2016 from the Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

1)      Is the trust planning to impose the contract as per the NHS employers current timetable? []

Yes, where possible. 

2)      Details of any modelling of the impact of this new contract (including but not limited to cost impact, levels of staffing across the week, and impact upon training)?

Work not yet undertaken. 

3)      Details of any plans to change services offered in order to implement 7-day services as a result of this contract change?

Work not yet undertaken. 

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