1. Within 2015 has the Trust changed its policy on how an ‘internal major incident’ is declared or triggered? (To be clear: NOT the operational structure of roles in response but the triggers that enable it to be called)


A) What were the changes? In addition – Is it possible to have a copy of the old and new policy (electronic copy is best)?

In 2015 the Trust recognised the importance of a scaled and strategic response to a major incident declaration – preferring to use a business continuity approach to using all resources to meet demand rather than activate a declared incident.

The Trust has various escalation plans and departments have their own process for scaling up or down its method of mobilisation.

The plan states that upon request by an external source to declare a major incident a key team will assemble within 15 minutes.

This will be a Gold / Silver team.

B) Were additional categories introduced within the escalation process towards when an internal major incident is called?

No other categories have been introduced within the process a Major Incident request remains a major incident request as does a Major incident Stand By. The Trust constantly review’s every plan in line with the Integrated Emergency Model.

The Trust plans hold specific information to either departments or individuals in the form of personnel bleep / pager / telephone numbers including some private mobiles. As such the plans are not for external or general circulation.

– If NO:
Is the Trust reviewing the current plans or does the Trust intend to change the plans within the next year?

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