Inpatient Dispensary

The Inpatient Dispensary team dispense medications for individual patients while they are an inpatient and for their discharge from the hospital. This covers all beds at the Royal Surrey and 4 wards at Milford Hospital and Haslemere Hospital.

We provide a pharmacist service to areas to wards that do not have a pharmacist based there.

What steps does my prescription go through?

Step 1:

Screened by a pharmacist to ensure that it is a suitable medication; including checking that it doesn’t interact with medications you are already on, is at a safe dose for you, is not similar to a drug you are known to be allergic to.

Step 2:

Labelled and dispensed.

Step 3:

Accuracy checked to ensure that the correct drug is selected, that the medication is suitable for use and that the label instructions are correct and easy to understand.

Step 4:

Delivered to the ward.

When are you open?

Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.

Saturdays 10am-1pm.

Can I collect my medications?

All medication must be issued to you by a member of ward staff therefore it is not possible for patients to collect their discharge medications directly from the Inpatient Dispensary.

What to do if have been discharged and I need to return for my medications?

If we were unable to provide all of your medication you may have to return to the hospital for the remainder.

We will send the medication to the ward that you were discharged from.

You can then collect it from that ward.