Information for inpatients during Covid-19

Inpatients are patients who stay at the hospital for one or more nights, whether for surgery, ongoing treatment or following an emergency admission.

You can find all the relevant information on being an inpatient by clicking here.

Our inpatients are able to choose who they would like to visit them in hospital, however certain restrictions still apply

All patients are triaged on admission for symptoms and known exposure to Covid-19. Testing is required for patients showing Covid-19 symptoms and for those who are immunosuppressed (with or without symptoms).

Patients should wear a surgical facemask in all areas of our hospitals. Facemasks are available at the hospital entrances.

All of our staff will be wearing the relevant level of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) depending on where you are in the hospital, and whether you are an outpatient or inpatient. If you do not think that they are wearing correct PPE or following the guidelines, please speak to them.